How to Install Gelair Health-e Split in Your Window Aircon

Say goodbye to airborne illness with Gelair Health-e Split.


With summers just around the corner, many people are thinking about ways to keep their homes cooler and more comfortable. And one of the ways is to use air-conditioners.

Keep your indoor air safe by using Gelair™ Health-e Split. It treats the air-conditioning unit by preventing growth of molds, bacteria, and viruses, and prevent it from recirculating in the room. Below is a quick guide, and if you prefer to watch a video, just check our video above. 

Quick and Easy Installation of Gelair Health-e Split

in Window Type Aircon

Step 1

Turn off the aircon, take off the cover and dust filter.

Step 2

Take the Gelair Health-e Split out of box packaging, then tear out the outer foil cover.

Step 3

Place Gelair™ Health-e Split on the aircon metal grille, behind the dust filter.

Step 4

Put the dust filter and the cover back on.

Then switch on your aircon. The scent of tea tree oil will be strong in the first few days. After that, the smell is not noticeable, yet Gelair delivers the right amount of tea tree oil to kill molds, bacteria, and viruses in your aircon.

You can purchase Gelair Health-e Split here

Gelair Health-e SPLIT

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